Spotted in 2009
4 Baby Cooper's Hawks
3 Baby Ospreys Fledging
Great Crested Flycatcher Nest (Box)
Easter Kingbird Nest
House Wren Nest (Box)
Chickadee Nest & eggs
Chipping Sparrow Nest & eggs (abandoned)
Pileated Woodpecker Nest (empty)
Wood Duck Nest
Young Chipping Sparrows, Young Tree Swallows, Young Cliff Swallows, Young Barn Swallows
Fledgling Great Blue Heron practices fishing technique
Shrew (dead), Snapping Turtle Nest, Fireflies, Annual Cicada, Japanese Beetles, Slugs, Snails
Spotted in 2008:
Baby American White Pelicans
Young Cowbird
Painted Turtle laying eggs (5 or 6).  Painted 亀が卵を産んでいるのを目撃

Raccoon at a hollow tree - den            タヌキの住家でタヌキを目撃 
Thirteen-lined ground squirrel (The Golden Gophers, U of Minnesota), tree frogs, and baby toads on Matt & Julie Nature Walk カエル、ヒキガエルの赤ちゃん
Ermine (a kind of weasel) on Matt & Julie Birding Walk  イタチの一種 
Baby Black-Crowned Night Herons
Baby Great Egrets

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