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Q from Japanese F:  I've Qs.  How popular are Grandparents Day (9-11) and Patriot Day (9-11)?  I've no idea on Grandparents Day. Regarding Patriot Day, we remember the 9-11 tragedy and we notice that flags are at half-staff on this day. Let me know your view when you get a chance. Thx.   F (050905)

Note from an American: I think Arbor Day is more well known than Grandparents Day. Maybe it will become more popular.  My impression is that this is a recent holiday, since I hadn't heard of it until the last few years.  We never celebrated it, but we were close to our grandparents and celebrated their birthdays.  I think it is recent, isn't it*.    (050910)

* Grandparents Day started in 1978.

Another American is saying:  I don't think either day is real popular. I've heard of Grandparents Day for many years, but I have never really celebrated the day. Patriot Day is probably the same. It is a day you see on calendars but not a popular holiday or anything. I'm sure on Grandparents day, some people bring some small gifts to their grandparents. I can't ever remember doing this or hearing about it, but then my last grandparent died when I was 13 and was not well the last couple years of his life. (050915)

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