Americans' Views: What does the Average Joe think of when ďJuneĒ is mentioned?
June 6

American Nís view 060515

"These are the things I think of when June is mentioned:

May beetles/June bugs (photo) - these are the large (3-4cm?), slow-flying brown beetles that most often show up in May, but I am pretty sure they can appear in June as well.  Sometimes they emerge in large numbers.  I remember one warm, still summer night they swarmed over a neighbor's tree.  He had an outdoor light on his house, and we were swatting them out of the air with tennis and badminton rackets.  It was cruel, but we were kids.  We didn't like it when they would fly into our faces while riding a bike or running around.

Bugs and insects, especially butterflies, really seem to come out in June.  Especially at night.  As you said, mosquitoes, ticks, and also gnats.

Long days, as you mentioned.  Waking up in the morning and it is already nice outside.

I think the bass opener (start of bass-fishing season) is in June.

Yes, graduation and open house celebrations.  Last day of school.  I think schools, especially elementary, often try to do something fun for the last day.

Summer camp, yes.  Picnics become more common, although these usually start on Memorial Day, it seems."


American Mís view 060531
"When I think of June, I think of summer, warm weather, swimming, and Fatherís Day. Fatherís Day is on the 3rd Sunday of June (June 17th this year). It was a day developed for children to give to their fathers and for a lot of American families it is a day where families have some fun together."

American Gís view 060531
Summer, Heat, Humidity, Sunshine, Long Days

American Kís view 060531
Father's day, can have hot weather => prepare air conditioner. Graduation parties

American Bís view:  060510
"You have a really good list for June. I can not think of much to add at this time. I'll let you know if I think of anything later."

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